Information About Teacup Poodle Dogs

Are you thinking of getting a new puppy? One of the most popular breeds in puppy mills is the Toy Poodle or English Toy Poodle. They are miniature and adorable and they are known to be highly intelligent. These dogs were bred originally to be lap dogs, and not suitable for use as working dogs, but because of their small size, the American Kennel Club allowed them to be breed with the gun dog breed standard. The American Kennel Club also changed the name of the Toy Poodle to “Teacups” in order to prevent confusion with other tiny toy breeds.

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So what makes a Toy Poodle great as a pet? The Toy Poodle can be very loving, very playful, and very affectionate with family members and other animals. They are great with children and very energetic, even when just playing around. They have a high activity level, but they do require some basic grooming and training and are known to be very sensitive to their owner’s needs for both exercise and grooming. With proper training and frequent exercise, teacup poodle puppies can achieve some of the same personality traits as a standard poodle, but they will be a lot smaller.

Because of their small size and loving nature, tea cup poodles make great pets for children and can be perfect for those who do not have time to groom big dogs. They are extremely easy to groom, and require only a quick brushing every week or so. Their coats are shiny and beautiful, and they will add beauty to your home. Toy Poodlers are some of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and they are beginning to show up in more beauty salons and homes as people become more aware of them and seek out these kinds of dogs as their new best friends.