How to Prepare a Concrete Driveway

Whether you’re building a new home or enhancing your existing one, a concrete driveway is a great way to add curb appeal. It can also add value to your property. Concrete is a durable material that can last for over 30 years without the need for much maintenance. It can be formed into virtually any shape and color. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start.

Is it cheaper to lay concrete or pavers?

First, your driveway must be properly prepared. The soil underneath your driveway should be level and firm. If your subgrade is expansive, you may need to compact the soil to provide a more even level.

Next, you’ll need to plan the shape and length of your driveway. You can use your own measurements, or you can get estimates from several contractors. You should also check out contractor reviews.

If you’re building a driveway for an RV or heavy vehicle, you’ll need a thicker driveway. You may also want to consider adding steel reinforcement to help spread the weight of the vehicles.

If you’re building a concrete driveway, you’ll also need to prepare the surface of the subgrade. Typically, this means removing organic material and gravel. Organic material may expand when wet, while gravel may shrink. You should also backfill with roadbase.

After all the preparation is complete, the concrete can be placed. Be sure to use a shovel and mortar hoe to compact the concrete. You should allow the concrete to cure for at least one week.