444 Angel Number Meaning

If you are familiar with the Angel Numbers and their effects on our lives, then you will have an idea how important the repeating number 4:444 is in the higher frequency universe. In Angel Number 52, this number means that the higher frequency you are in, the more you are guided by The One. The spiritual 4:44 meaning is one for your earrings and other jewelry that you wear to attract the One.

Find Out the Powerful Message it Contains

The 4: 444 angel number meaning can be revealed by using two of its digits in your order of significance in the harmonic frequencies of love. Firstly, when you place these digits together, you get the One. This is the protector of this world and its balance and is also the personification of the One. The Two of these together therefore mean That you too are the protector of this world and its balance in all forms of vibrational activity that you perform and this means that you must protect the vibrations of love for you to receive its divine and spiritual healing from your guardian angels.

When you listen to a musical track or when you are watching a movie where the repeating number 4: 44 is heard, it means you are being flooded with the powerful message of God and your guardian angels are trying to give you this message so that you will accept the love of God and live according to his teachings. You should listen to these sounds very carefully and take note of their effect on your emotions. When you feel that you are ready to receive this powerful message from God, then you are ready to wear the jewelry which symbolizes this number. This number has been a part of almost all civilizations since the time they discovered the alphabet and writing. This means that the repetition of this number has a deep importance in the history of mankind and will continue to be such in future.

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