Bullnose Skirting Board

bullnose skirting board

A bullnose skirting board is a simple design that blends in well with most homes. This design features minimal lines and grooves, which make it ideal for painting. It is also a popular choice among builders as it provides an old-fashioned appeal. However, other skirting board designs are also available, including traditional and vintage styles. Increasingly, people are moving towards contemporary interior designs, and many manufacturers are deciding to create more minimalistic designs.

The Bullnose skirting board is a popular style used by homeowners and professionals alike. Unlike other skirting profiles, the Bullnose skirting has a small radius that makes it easy to clean. It is also highly versatile, which means it looks great at many different heights. This design is also easy to clean and is safe for children and pets as there are no sharp edges.

A bullnose skirting board is usually made of pine, with the plain part being progressively higher as it goes up. The skirting board comes in lengths of up to 3050mm, and the thickness can be anywhere from 15mm to 25mm. The undercoated version may require a final paint finish.

Bullnose skirting boards are available in different materials, such as hardwood and MDF. For an industrial look, you can choose a bullnose skirting board made of solid oak. This is a popular option for older properties that were built before World War II.

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