Removing Car Stickers

car sticker

A car sticker is usually an adhesive sticker or label on which a particular message, usually of a humorous nature, is printed and meant to be stuck to the car’s bumper, either permanently or temporarily, for personal decoration purposes or to be read by other motorists. Generally, most car stickers are around 25.4 inches by 7.6 inches and are typically made of vinyl. Some car stickers have a magnetic strip on the backside of the sticker that keeps them in place when the car is placed in a magnetic field. Others may have a transparent cover over the words and/or designs on the sticker. Still others may simply have a clear plastic cover over the sticker or simply have a design etched into the front of the sticker.

Different kinds of car stickers

There are several different kinds of car stickers available in the market today. Some are designed as simple, small decals that are put on the car window with the purpose of decorating the car; these are typically referred to as pin sticker cars since the sticker is stuck on the window with a magnet rather than being adhered to the car window with sticky foam tape. However, some car stickers that are professionally made to have a clear plastic backing or laminate on the reverse side which allows them to be placed on the window with ease, and also makes it easy to remove should the need arise. The laminated backing, however, does not provide any sort of protection to the message that is written on the sticker. Such stickers are usually found on the dashboard of luxury cars.

The easiest and cheapest way to remove a car sticker, especially if you are just getting started with decorating your car, is to use a hair dryer. All you need to do is put the desired color of the decal (usually black or dark blue) into the top half of a hair dryer’s hair extension. Then apply the heat from the dryer onto the sticker until it comes out of the other end. This process can also work if using a scrapbooking tool. If you need to add glitter to your car decal, it is wise to use non-flavored, semi-sweet chocolate, spray coating paint, or even tinted nail polish.

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