Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Service

When it comes to meeting and event planning, a virtual and hybrid meeting service sydney is an excellent option for a wide variety of business needs. These options help you expand your reach, improve your ROI, and engage attendees from a wide range of locations. Whether you need to reach a national audience, or you need to engage global audiences, a hybrid meeting service in Sydney can help you meet your objectives.

Hybrid Meetings & Virtual Events

Hybrid meetings are a blend of traditional face-to-face meetings with modern technologies. Many of today’s leading venues have a combination of hybrid and virtual meeting options to accommodate a diverse range of business needs. For example, a Sydney hotel can accommodate a range of hybrid meetings with its new media capabilities, including live-streaming and multi-room video conferencing.

A virtual meeting service that enables attendees to interact with presenters on multiple devices has many advantages. With live stream, pre-recorded video, and interactive webinars, these sessions are engaging and effective. They also offer exhibitors a wider audience and greater visibility. They can tailor their program to match their exact needs.

AV1 has studios in Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast. The company’s streaming studios feature three camera coverage and media management, along with LED wall backdrops. Sightline also has a Sydney studio and offers technical direction, pre-recorded video production, and content management.

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