Water Tower Mixing Systems

Water Tower Mixing Systems

The water tower water tank mixing | TaknkProInc of today is much different from the water storage tanks of days gone by. In fact, if you have ever used a water tower for a project at school or work and then later wanted to return to the same project and use the same pump, it would be near impossible to find one because they are all gone now. Water towers are simply gone – long gone! Today, there are only two types: electric and gas pumps. The pumps are powered by electricity (usually by mains gas) which means that the pumps can generally be anywhere from three to twenty feet away from their source of power.


Gas and electric water storage tanks also exist but these are more for industrial use in water towers for permanent use rather than as emergency backup. Today’s water tower mixing systems are much more advanced, so the water storage tanks can be kept at a much higher altitude, say at around one hundred and fifty feet off the ground. This will allow the water storage tanks to be ready to pump immediately when the water tower gets operational.


So, the water tower mixing systems that you see today, whether they are permanent or portable and what they do has changed dramatically. They now include water tower valves that are automatic, digital, electronically controlled and coupled with a variety of pumps for water storage ranging from single stage to multi-stage systems and in various configurations. You also have integrated waste management, high pressure pumping and air dryers for cleaning and drying purposes. So, these water tanks now serve more than just storing water; they now also act as a source of water for various uses.

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