Why a pedestrian Safety Plan is Essential

The creation of a pedestrian safety plan is an important first step in the implementation of pedestrian safety measures throughout the city. A pedestrian safety plan is made up of comprehensive sections that detail how drivers and pedestrians should interact in order to avoid conflicts and accidents and to set up consequences for action taken. These sections are often called by various names, such as a traffic plan or a by-law. In the UK, it is known as a” pedestrians’ act”, while in other countries it may be called a “traffic management plan” or “traffic impact assessment”.

A pedestrian management plan can affect many different things, including road users and transportation systems, the environment, and attitudes on the part of drivers and pedestrians. The main outcome from having a pedestrian safety plan is the reduction of traffic collisions and injuries caused by vehicles. However, it doesn’t stop there. A good pedestrian plan will also establish the roles of pedestrians and drivers in terms of safely sharing the road. It may establish zones of crosswalk use, where drivers and pedestrians must share the road, and set minimum distances they must walk or run from one another. It may also define where, when, and how drivers should make turns and establish which vehicles must yield to pedestrians.

A good pedestrian safety plan should include general information about pedestrian safety, including the dangers of crossing roads during inclement weather, conditions such as fog, snow, or rain, and other traffic changes or environmental factors such as road hazards, elevated speed limits, or other conditions that may be threatening to pedestrians. It should also provide information about personal protective equipment that pedestrians may need to wear, including shoes, gloves, socks, helmets, and jackets. It should contain any rules or regulations concerning the use of pedestrian facilities around the city. Finally, it should have a section that details how police officers or other officials can be notified of incidents involving pedestrians and provide contacts for reporting accidents or crimes. Having a pedestrian safety plan in place before a series of pedestrian accidents can help prevent future problems and injuries.


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